A Message From Rev. Jane Siebert About the Death of George Floyd

Dear Friends –

We have all have listened to the news about the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It is impossible to put into words, the outrage I feel. It takes my breath away every time I think about this man’s violent, unnecessary treatment and resultant death. The vision remains constantly on my mind.

We have a neighborhood church in St. Paul, the twin city nearby. I just spoke with Pastor Gordon Meyer in his car as he was driving over to check on the church. It is located just a mile from some of the rioting and sits between the state capitol and the location of the fires.

Pastor Gordon’s words to us, “We need to come together. I am dismayed at the constant violent acts by the police toward our black friends. Our culture must change, not just the police force, but also society. We must look to the Lord for guidance and help and listen to the voice inside telling us what is right.”

At last year’s convention the Social Justice Committee brought forth a statement that we agreed to and approved as Standing Resolution 14. The first and last paragraphs provide thoughtful guidance this day.

“As Swedenborgians we affirm the core truths of our faith that honor the diversity of both heaven and earth and recognize that loving people who are different from us is integral to the practice of a religious life.

We encourage one another to advocate for those who face discrimination and to address these expressions of bias in our personal interactions and in the larger society. We also acknowledge that forms of discrimination come in many subtle shades, and that we have a responsibility to regularly investigate our actions and beliefs, both individually and collectively to align them with these truths, so that we can be greater vessels for Divine Love in the world.”

The committee also sent out a resource for all of our churches to use put out by the NCC ACT Now to End Racism, with guides on how to use for church discussion.

What more can we do?

Rev. Jane Siebert
President, The Swedenborgian Church of North America


Blog Post written by:
James F. Lawrence
Dean of CSS, Faculty Associate in Spirituality and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Pacific School of Religion