Supporting the CSS: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specify what I want my donation to be used on?

Yes! Using our online system, you can select from a list of specific fundraising targets such as student scholarships or funding the annual Holy Land Tour. You can also select for your donation to simply go to the area that needs it most.

Is there a way to do planned giving?

Yes! For further information on planned giving, including trusts, endowments, stock options, and non-monetary gifts, please contact Dr. James Lawrence, Dean of the Center for Swedenborgian Studies at

Are donations tax deductible?

o Yes! All donations to the Center for Swedenborgian Studies are tax-deductible. After making a donation through our online system available here (hyperlink this) you will receive an email with all necessary information. You will then include this information and the email with your taxes upon filing your state or federal taxes. For donations not made through our online system, please contact to receive the necessary documentation.