A Scholarly Journal in Print and Digital Formats

Swedenborgian Library and Archives, the Stacks

The Journal, Studia Swedenborgiana, was published in previous years by the Swedenborgian House of Studies. Although the Journal ceased print publication, it’s scholarly mission continues in the digital world.  Below are links to articles on all manner of subjects interesting to Swedenborgian scholars and lay readers alike.  Below are links to several more recent articles.  You may also access articles in all volumes of Studia through the online portal created by the Bayside Church.


Swedenborg’s Puzzling Codicil on Islam and Muslims:  Colin Amato

The Spiritual Origin of Prophecy; Doug Webber

Swedenborg, a Modern Buddha; Wakoh Shannon Hickey, PhD

William Blake – Glances on His Engagement with the Theosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg, Francesca M. McCrossan, PhD and Rev. Dr James F. Lawrence, PhD

William Blake: From Antinomian Rebel to Prophet of Healing and Wholeness, Jonathan Lynn Harvey, MA

The First George Bush: Philosopher, Minister, and Swedenborgian Ancestor of American Presidents, Francesca M. McCrossan, PhD and Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence, PhD

An Icon of Simplicity: The American Arts & Crafts Movement started at the Swedenborgian Church, Leslie M. Freudenheim, MA

An Extraordinary Season in Prayer: Warren Felt Evans’s Journey into “Scientific” Spiritual Practice, Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence, PhD

Joseph Worcester, Oscar Wilde and the English Arts and Crafts Movement, Leslie M. Freundenheim, MA

Herman Vetterling, The Philosopher Of San Jose; Philangi Dasa, The Buddhist of Santa Cruz, Paul Tutwiler, PhD